S2 Episode 28 - ANNHILATION of 90’s Cartoons

March 15, 2018

Hello dearest listeners. If you haven't noticed by now, all the episodes that get uploaded late as hell are from B.  I like to tease, tee hee!  Anyways, I just saw Annhilation and Dove quizes B on 90's cartoons.  See how many you get right!  Also, we're planning to do a listener mail episode later on, so send us any stories or topics you want us to read on the air by going to our site uncouthtangents.com!  


S2. Episode 27- #SomaliPirates

March 8, 2018

How big is cat shit, really? It's hard to say. But what some DID say was, "there's a fire in your studio!" The UT studio gets damaged and B nearly buys a house boat. 


S2 Episode 26 - Coffee Meets B-gle

March 1, 2018

B gets a little depressed this past month and starts a dating profile as Dove helps him figure out what women are.  It's like that Mel Gibson movie, Lethal Weapon.  Dove is getting too old for this shi**.  Join the crew as they try to make a new dating profile for B while Dove dishes out the best dating advice.


S2. Episode 25 - HUNKY DYSTOPIAS

February 22, 2018

You know what a good dystopia could always use?  Hunks.  Like, two of them. At least two.  And they must always pine for the same relatable girl that happens to be awesome at everything. 

In this dystopia, we bring you a lost, re-made episode because I'm awful at my job! Let us be the two hunks who warm your heart, this nuclear winter. 


S2. Episode 24 - Washington Dc…Take it or leave it

February 8, 2018

If you're reading this, i'm sure there's a metro fire today. We talk about some of the best and worst things about D.C. Who ACTUALLY has the best cupcakes and who the worst drivers are in the DMV. Shout out to Adam's Morgan! Apparently....we love you.


S2. Episode 23 - Poop Cube Resolutions

February 1, 2018


Thank you for joining us for season 2 of the show! We talk resolutions, sharing bunk beds and our favorite moments of 2017.



December 26, 2017

So what's thisis called? It's Christmahannukwanzamadon with the uncouth gang! We have a taste test of some of winter's favorite beers. Doves been drinking so "eat the turkey, i heard it was great!"

The beers we have featured are:

Dos Equis, Dragon Stout, Chocolate Bock, Oatmeal Stout, Old Fezziwig, Boston Lager, Amber Bock, Winter Lager, Optimal Wit.



Episode 20 - P.H. Halloweenie Serial Killer Extravaganza!

October 12, 2017

Hello.  Helloween.  HALLOWEENIE SERIAL KILLER EXTRAVAGANZA! Dove's concocted a marvelous game of mystery boxes filled with some of the worst of the worst killers, both real and ficticious!  B has to guess at least 14 correctly to achieve the prize! What is the prize you may ask?  Honestly we were too drunk to describe what it is in the audio end of the podcast, but watch it on Youtube to attain visual confirmation!  Also to see WHAT'S IN THE BAAAAHHHWWWKSSS!??

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This is the last episode of the season, we'll be back for a Thanksgiving and later a Christmas special!


Episode 19 - Dove Mondegreen & the clueless conjunctions

October 5, 2017

Sometimes we get things wrong...but Where's The Love? The Black Eyed Peas are still relevant. B is a crooner. Dove doesn't know what a conjunction is. A visit to an escape room.

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Episode 18 - A Game of GAMES

September 28, 2017

B gets hurt on his One Wheel+ on numerous occasions and the Dove tries to figure out what board games are on A GAME OF GAMES.  

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Speaking of which, a new October/Halloween themed POWER HOUR is coming out on Oct. 12th, so be on the look out for our drunken wildness!